Best Practices for Online Events

Second instalment of our Global Legal Hackers Summit Series…

Another panel with a global reach discussed the considerations, merits and pitfalls of moving to virtual events.

On the panel were representatives from:

  • San Salvador, El Salvador;
  • Abuja, Nigeria;
  • Stockholm, Sweden;
  • Torino, Italy;
  • Kyiv, Ukraine;
  • Aguascalientes, Mexico.

The conversation covered topics such as platform choices, moderator responsibilities, event format and timing, and much more.

Choose your platform

Choosing the right platform to match the style of the event is essential!

When planning the event you should give special consideration to the size and audience of the event; larger and more public events, for instance, suit platforms with greater security and moderator control.

Take the examples of Zoom and Google Meets. Zoom enables you to password protect your event and gives the host control over whose microphone is muted and unmuted, as well as who can write comments or share their screen. This makes Zoom a relatively secure platform for public events where invites and advertisements have been widely disseminated.

Google Meets does not provide the same level of security or moderator control (at least, not at the time of writing). However, an intuitive interface and slick design, focused more on conversation rather than presentation, makes Google Meets an ideal platform for smaller group discussions within a close and trusted group.

Time for tea…

With COVID lockdowns affecting many states and individuals differently it’s understandable that – whilst we try to maintain our network and some semblance of normalcy online – we shouldn’t simply strive for business as usual.

Our friends from the Stockholm chapter outlined how they had been adapting some of their events into a more social and community focused format to help stave off the solitude. Whilst ‘Tea Time Tech’, as these events are known, is still a tech-centric event with a particular topic of discussion each week, the open discussion format (always beginning with a round table survey of the audience members’ chosen brews) provides a relief from more formal and professional online environments which fill our lockdown days.

And most importantly…

Whilst many more aspects of format, planning and technicalities were discussed, one of the main and so easily overlooked nuggets of wisdom was given from one legal hacker sat lakeside near Kyiv, “keep it fun!”

We will certainly be trying to bear that in mind in our upcoming events!


Our next event is on 30th July and will be a guest presentation from Louise Anderson, Head of the Northern Hub for F-LEX, entitled COVID-19 and The Future of Work. Sign up to attend this virtual event through the link below:

If you have any questions about the Legal Hackers or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us at and we will try to answer your questions, give you details of our upcoming events or put you in touch with your local Legal Hackers chapter!

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