Legal Hackers Mid-Year Virtual Summit

7:00 am PT; 3:00 pm BST 27 June 2020

Jameson Dempsey, the Global Director of Legal Hackers, coordinated the conversation from California, coffee in hand, between speakers from across five continents.

The Legal Hackers usually run an annual global conference in a physical space. However, with everyone confined to their homes by varying degrees of lockdown across the globe, a mid-year virtual check-in with the community seemed fitting.

Despite the virtual platform, every thought had been given to designing a conference which operated like a physical event. Alternative ‘break out rooms’ were available to allow casual corridor-conversations, while WhatsApp groups sprang up between different chapter teams, mimicking the chatter and networking of a real life conference hall.

Time-zone differences proved no barrier as morning coffee chats mixed with dinner and wine talks.

Manchester Legal Hackers even developed some exciting multinational event plans which we look forward to announcing soon!

Baptisms of Fire

The first panel of the day was an introduction to the new Chapters which had established under the COVID lockdown:

  • Armenia, Colombia
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Manila, Philippines
  • Petrolina, Brazil
  • St Petersburg, Russia
  • Manchester, UK

Hearing stories from Chapters like ourselves who launched into a virtual world, it was clear that the Legal Hackers movement is far from being hampered by the awful events of the last few months.

This community of knowledge sharing, innovation and friends has only gone from strength to strength under these trying times. As Jameson articulated later in the event, everyone adapting to the ‘new norm’ is having to become a legal hacker!

Still to come… 

The rest of the event was split between four further panel discussions:

  • Best Practices for Online Events
  • Expanding and Connecting Legal Hackers Chapters in Your Region
  • Honest Conversation about Covid Lockdown
  • Open Legal Educational Resources in Post-Covid Lockdown

Watch this space for further details of what was discussed on each of these panels!

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